Animal Control: 577-7434

Board of Architectural Review: 724-3781

Board of Zoning Appeals: 724-3781

Building Inspections: 724-7431

Business License Request: 724-3711

Charleston County Recycling Center: 720-7111

Charleston Bike Taxi (yellow bikes): 532-8663

Charleston Pedi Cab (blue bikes): 577-7088

Charleston Rickshaw (white bikes): 723-5685

Charleston Visitor’s Center: 724-7174

Charleston Water System (Water and Sewer): 727-6800

Citizen Help Desk: 724-7311

City Councilman (Mike Seekings):

City Hall: 577-6970

Clerk of Council: 724-3727

Design Review Board: 724-3781
Report short term rental violations

Environmental Services:
Request a Garbage Can: 723-2278
Garbage and Trash Collection: 724-7364

Equine Sanitation (Richard Knoth): 478-7903

Fire (Non-Emergency): 720-1981

First Baptist School (Thomas Mullins, Head): 722-6646

Graffiti Removal Hotline: 958-1500

Hurricane Information: 720-2482

Livability Division: 805-3226

Livability Division (Dan Riccio): 607-8759 or
Report illegal golf cart rentals (business zoning violations)

Municipal Court: 724-7466

Ombudsman: 724-3745

Parking Citation Hearing: 724-7375

Parking Enforcement: 973-7236

Parks: 724-7321

Police Department (Main Reception): 577-7434

Police Department Dispatch (Non-Emergency): 743-7200
Report violation of palmetto rose peddlers, trespassing, etc. (Sgt. King)
Report excessive noise from motorcycles, autos & trucks
Report dog waste violations
Report any suspicious persons or activities of concern to your safety or wellbeing

Quality of Life and Community Outreach (Mike Whack): 579-7530 or

Recreation Department: 724-7327

Reserve a City Park for a Special Event: 724-7327

Residential Parking Decals: 724-7375

Stormwater Services: 724-7367

Streets and Sidewalk Maintenance: 724-7366

Tourism Enforcement Officer: 709-1985
Report hammocks in White Point Gardens
Report carriage ordinance violations

Traffic and Transportation (Robbie Sommerville): 724-7368

Vital Records (Charleston County): 953-0032

Voter Registration (Charleston County): 744-8683


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