Dear Charlestowne Neighborhood Resident,

Welcome to our neighborhood website. When you are unable to attend the membership meetings, you will be kept apprised of neighborhood concerns through this website as well as via the CNA Facebook page and occasional e-mail alerts. Communication with our membership is vital to maintain our quality of life as the strength of the CNA is a well-informed membership. Often we learn of some occurrence; a street closing, a crime event, or some other fast-breaking issue that we want to broadcast quickly. An email is the best vehicle for such communication.  Rest assured that your email address will only be used to convey relevant information relating to our neighborhood and our city. To be included, please list your email address on the membership form.

Our City Council Member:

Mike Seekings
Charleston City Council
District 8

Email: mike@seekingslaw.com
Telephone: 843-364-8583

Photos by Lisa Field Photography ©2016