2020 Officers and Board Members:

President: Wiley Becker
Vice President: John Hayes
Treasurer: Calhoun Witham
Secretary: Larry Gillespie

Board Members:
Wiley Becker
Elizabeth Fort
Larry Gillespie
Bob Habig
Lynn Hanlin
Craig Hanson
John Hayes
Joni Hazelton
Rich Leadem
Judy McAlpin
Eleanor Hastie Parker
Mason Rees
George Smythe
Rebekah Unger
Lynn White

Board Committees:

This Committee’s mission is to help preserve architectural integrity and quality of life in our historic district. The Committee reviews applications to the Board of Architectural Review and Board of Zoning Appeals and provides neighborhood input to those Boards in certain instances. In addition, the Committee reviews zoning, planning and ordinance amendments considered by the Planning Commission and offers input. The Committee endeavors to consult with preservation organizations as well as neighbors of affected properties in formulating input to the City’s governing bodies.
Lynn White (Chair), Craig Hanson, Adelaida Bennett, Elizabeth Bradham, Margi Brenizer, Lee Higdon, Therese Smythe  

This committee’s mission is to convey information to CNA members about issues and developments affecting our neighborhood, including information concerning actions proposed by the City. Information is conveyed through CNA’s website, Facebook page and emails to members.  The committee also assists with preparing messages for external constituents such as the press.  Working with the Membership Committee, the Communications Committee helps to enhance the understanding of CNA’s role in the neighborhood and the benefits of joining CNA.
Margot Rose, Corie Erdman

Crime Prevention and Public Safety:
Working with the Charleston Police Department and CNA residents, this Committee strives to maintain the environment of safety and security in the Charlestowne Neighborhood.  Committee members regularly communicate with the Police Department and Tourism Enforcement Officers to share concerns and receive information about incidents. The committee also attends meetings with the Police Department and educates neighbors on best safety practices.
John Hayes (Chair), Larry Gillespie, Joan Hutchinson, Gil Kirlikowske, Calhoun Witham

Cruise Ship: Elizabeth Fort (Chair), Carrie Agnew, Larry Gillespie, Randy Pelzer, Margot Rose

Low Battery:
The Low Battery Committee is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the Low Battery redesign, including the seawall height, ability to fill in the railings for additional seawater protection, parking availability, the aesthetic design, the budgeting, and the timing. In particular, this Committee is focused on protecting the Charlestowne neighborhood from saltwater intrusion due to storm surge and tides and prioritizes increasing the height and effectiveness as quickly as possible.

George Smythe (Chair), Bob Habig, Carolina Ragsdale

The Committee seeks to identify and engage potential new members, as well as promote involvement by existing members. The size and breadth of CNA’s membership throughout Charlestowne promotes CNA’s ability to advocate with the City on behalf of our neighborhood. Membership dues support the costs associated with communications, meetings and routine accounting and filing costs for nonprofit entities.
Elizabeth Fort (Chair), Margot Rose, Rebekah Unger

This committee cultivates and recruits new Board members and works with the Board to nominate officers for the coming year.
George Smythe (Chair), Phyllis Ewing, Margot Rose, Lynn White

Short-Term Rentals:
The Short-Term Rental Committee monitors all legislation, both local and beyond, regarding short-term rentals. The mission of this Committee is to maintain the existing strict restrictions on short-term rentals in the Charlestowne neighborhood.

Joni Hazelton (Chair), Phyllis Ewing, Lynn Hanlin, Mason Rees

Streets/Parking/City Services:
The Committee focuses on the quality of City services provided in the neighborhood, street and sidewalk conditions, traffic impacts and parking. It monitors events and developments that impact City services, streets, traffic and parking and recommends modifications to the City to improve conditions for residents.  2019 Priority: The Calhoun West Drainage Project.
Eleanor Parker (Chair), Will Fort, Rich Leadem, Tom Waring

Charlestowne is significantly affected by tourism and special events, including horse carriages, tour buses, walking tours, cruise ship-related traffic, vehicular traffic, parking, pedicabs, rental bikes, parades and footrace routes. This Committee monitors the impacts and endeavors to advocate for appropriate tourism management and regulations to preserve livability and quality of life for neighborhood residents.
Judy McAlpin (Chair), Jeff Leath, Mason Rees, Rebekah Unger


Tier 1:

  1. Flooding & Drainage (Low Battery Committee) – Low Battery (George Smythe) & Calhoun West / Army Corps Study (Bob Habig)
  2. Tourism & Livability (Tourism & Livability Committee) – Events (Judy McAlpin) & Noise Ordinances (Mason Rees)
  3. Crime & Safety (Crime & Safety Committee) – Off Duty Patrols (Larry Gillespie) & Parking / Traffic (John Hayes)

Tier 2:

  1. New Development (BAR / BZA Committee) – Lynn White
  2. Cruise Ships (Cruise Ship Committee) – Liz Fort
  3. Short-Term Rentals (STR Committee) – Joni Hazelton



Please see below from the City of Charleston:

In coordination with the City of Charleston, representatives from Dominion Energy, their contractors, and the City will be on hand to answer questions, discuss safety, reliability, proper pruning methods and more.

When: Monday, February 10, 2020 from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Where: Hilton Garden Inn – Charleston Waterfront at 45 Lockwood Drive

The gate to the hotel parking garage will be open, no code needed, from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

The room will be set up with informational stations so interested residents may drop in at their convenience any time between 5:00 -7:00 p.m. Free parking will be available in the hotel garage during these hours.

Detailed trimming location maps will be available at the meeting, but the project will generally include the following areas:

Below Crosstown between Lockwood Drive and King Street
Above Crosstown between Hagood Avenue and Rutledge Avenue

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please be advised that a notice will be sent to each Dominion Energy account holder in the pruning zone approximately two weeks before work is expected to begin in that area. This will include Dominion Energy contact details for more information or questions.
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