Below is a listing of City departments and their contact information. If you wish to contact CNA, please send an email to Your email will be forwarded to the CNA President and committee chair responsible for your particular issue or question and you will receive a prompt response.

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City of Charleston Citizens Service Desk

Citizens Service Desk: (843) 724-7311 The City of Charleston’s Citizen Services Desk is a great place to start with any questions or concerns and to start a work order. Calling this number will likely get you a live person and a more immediate response. It will direct your issue to the correct department. You can remain anonymous, but if you leave your name, number and email then you will get a call or email back with feedback on how it is being handled. You can call or make reports online at the following address:

Tourism/Livability/Special Events

Director of Livability (Dan Riccio- Director): (843) 607-8759 or

Tourism Enforcement Officer: (843) 709-1985 Call to report something you are witnessing that needs immediate attention, to report tourism ordinance violations or to report hammocks in White Point Gardens.

Department of Livability and Tourism: (843) 805-3226 Call to report tourism issues and violations of municipal codes, overgrown yards, abandoned cars, graffiti removal and short-term rental violations

Special Events Applications (843) 805-3225 (Larger Events. This is now under the Tourism Department rather than the Recreation Department)

Tourism: (843) 724-7395 Office number to ask questions or to get a bus permit or tour guide certification or information on tourism regulations.

Government Departments/Officials

City Councilmember Mike Seekings:

City Hall: (843) 577-6970 (The Mayor’s office)

Clerk of Council: (843) 577-6970 (Manages city council meetings)

Municipal Court: (843) 724-7466


Police Department (Main Reception): (843) 720-2427

Consolidated Dispatch (Non-Emergency Police Line): (843) 743-7200 Call to report violation of palmetto rose peddlers, excessive noise from motorcycles, autos & trucks, dog waste violations, or any suspicious persons or activities of concern to your safety or wellbeing


Revenue Collections- Parking Citation Hearing: (843) 724-7375 (Call to contest a parking citation)

Parking Dispatch Center: (843)-579-6099 (Call to report parking violations and request parking enforcement)

Residential Parking Decals: (843) 724-7375 (Same office as parking citations)

Planning, Preservation and Sustainability

Board of Architectural Review, Design Review Board, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals: (843) 724-3781 (Receptionist number)

Building Inspections: (843) 724-7431 Call to apply for building permits and check the status of your project, stop work orders etc. (You can also call the Citizens Service Desk.)

Business License Request: (843) 724-3711 Call to renew a business license.  (You can also call the Citizens Service Desk.)

Business and Neighborhood Services: (843) 724-3791
Call to find out about Neighborhood Council information and request services. This office is a liaison between the business community, including King Street merchants. There are 110 neighborhoods in the Neighborhood Council.


Parks: (843) 724-3457- Work order line (You can also call the Citizens Services Desk.)
Call to inquire about park maintenance and request street light repair etc.

Park Permits (843) 724-7327 (Smaller events like a small wedding or family reunion)


Dominion Outage Line: (888) 333-4465

Dominion Energy Street Light Outage Reporting System Link: Street Light Repair (

Animal Control: (843) 577-7434 (For immediate assistance call the non-emergency police number. The animal control officers are often out in the field.)

Charleston Water System (Water and Sewer): (843) 727-6800

Environmental Services:
Request a Garbage Can: (843) 724-7311 (You can also call the Citizens Service Desk)
Garbage and Trash Collection: (843) 720-3891

Equine Sanitation (Doody Calls): (843) 633-1270 (This is a call service that will convert your call into a text message that will be sent to staff out on location.)

Fire (Non-Emergency): (843) 720-1981

First Baptist School: (843) 722-6646

Hurricane Information: (843) 724-7311

Recreation Department: (843) 724-7327
Sign up for teams and camps and apply for special permits

Stormwater Services: (843) 724-3754 (You can also call the Citizens Service Desk.)

Streets and Sidewalk Maintenance: (843) 724-7366 (You can also call the Citizens Service Desk.)

Traffic and Transportation: (843) 724-7368, option 5 (You can also call the Citizens Services Desk)

Urban Forestry: (843) 724-7321 (You can also call the Citizen Services Desk.) Call to report a fallen tree in need of removal or pruning of city trees

Vital Records (Charleston County): (843) 953-0032

Voter Registration (Charleston County): (843) 744-8683

Charleston County Recycling Center: (843) 720-7111

Charleston Bike Taxi (yellow bikes): (843) 532-8663

Charleston Pedi Cab (blue bikes): (843) 577-7088

Charleston Rickshaw (white bikes): (843) 723-5685

Charleston Visitor’s Center: (800) 868-8118