Tips from Team 2: What number should I call in case I need to contact the police?
if the action is “in progress”, call 911. If the act has already occurred, then call 577.7434 (the main police department line).

Door to Door Solicitor Reminder:
Charleston residents are reminded to be aware of door-to-door salespeople, particularly “magazine sales”. Usually, the concerns about these individuals are property / financial crime related.

  1. Post a “NO SOLICITING” sign on your front door, and maybe another in the yard. (One at the front of the neighborhood is not enforceable)
  2. DO NOT Open the door to any strangers.
  3. If someone claims to be from a utility or law enforcement, request to see ID (through window) and look for an official vehicle.
  4. If they are “selling” anything, know that it is perfectly fine to tell them you are not interested, to please leave.
  5. If you are interested, request to see their Peddler’s Permit from the City of Charleston (again through the window – see example below).
  6. Know that solicitors are probably breaking the law if they do any of these:
    • Knock IN SPITE of a “NO SOLICITING” sign.
    • Do Not have a City Peddler’s Permit with them (and their company is to have a Business Permit).
    • Tell you the magazine sale can be donated to be delivered to a charity (like the Boys & Girls club, etc.)
    • If they use ANY High Pressure or Intimidation or will not leave, call Charleston Police at 577-7434, give a description of the subject and their direction of travel, so an officer can interview them. (Ask to speak to the officer so he can get more details). If they are operating within the law, you’ll be advised. If not, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Charleston Police Department

Important Recommendations from the Charleston Police Department:
Residents in the Charlestowne Neighborhood and adjacent areas are asked to please make an extra effort to remove all valuables and electronic items from your cars when parking them. This is long-standing advice to make a daily habit, but over the past couple weeks almost two dozen vehicle break-ins have been reported. Some items stolen include GPS devices and I-Pods as well as wallets, computers, and more.  Removal of the objects thieves want is the primary factor car owners should address.

Other steps you can take:
  1. Double-check that all car-doors are locked, and windows are closed.
  2. Set car alarm systems.
  3. Increase the light by turning on porchlights or driveway lights.
  4. Trim back shrubbery around parking areas.
  5. Periodically look outside.
  6. Call 911 whenever you hear suspicious noises during the night.
  7. Pay attention to dogs barking and check outside.
  8. Make sure to report all incidents to police. Many victims do not ever call police, giving an incomplete picture.
  9. We strongly discourage the practice of storing firearms in cars. There may be only a piece of glass separating a thief from a weapon.


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